***Women Empowerment and Gender Practices 2022***

This course is ideal for new women managers and junior women managers aspiring to develop their careers.

Women experience specific challenges as women in management, and this course helps women utilise their strengths as women at the same time as face common challenges experienced by women in management positions in general.

Learner outcomes:

• Focus on basic management and leadership techniques for women in the workplace;

• Unique development of competencies women use ‘automatically”;

• Career development tactics;

• Dealing with difficult people and decisions – the steps;

• Basic coaching & mentoring principles for new women at work;

• Working smarter not harder – the approach to take

• Understanding the unique role and responsibilities of a women manager in the workplace today;

• Developing the skills to initiate and maintain momentum for change;

• Develop an understanding of Personal Mastery as a core competency;

• Develop the ability to manage change;

• Develop the strategic skill of networking;

• Develop the skills to build organizations;

• Develop an understanding of systems thinking as a strategic approach to management;

• Understand the process of team learning and its benefits for women managers;

• Learn how to create shared vision in individuals and teams.

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Academy Training Group - 012 997 2804
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E-learning E-learning

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Course Duration: 

3 Days


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