Basic Principles of Project Planning & Management

Learners accessing this standard will be working as a leader in the context of a small project/sub-project involving few resources and having a limited impact on stakeholders and the environment or working as a contributing team member on a medium to large project when not a leader. These projects may be technical projects, business projects or developmental projects and will cut across a range of economic sectors. This standard will also add value to learners who are running their own business and recognise that project management forms an integral component of any business.

The qualifying learner is capable of:

• Identifying, explaining and describing the purpose and process of scheduling project activities.
• Defining and gathering project activities from technical experts and within own field expertise.
• Developing a simple schedule for a project or part there of
• Describing and explaining the need for consistent processes and standards to achieve quality.
• Suggesting actions, within own field of expertise, in support of the development of quality project deliverables.
• Conducting tests as per test plan and communicating test results.
• Undertaking the management activities, from start to end, for a small project.
• Supervising and monitoring a team working on a small project.
• Reporting progress on a small project.
• Identifying and rectifying problems occurring in a project.

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