CBM Training - Professional Business Writing for Secretaries and PAs

For a professional secretary striving for excellence, clear and concise communication between you and your manager/department is vital for success!

The majority of your daily work consists of communicating with others, mostly in writing. In order for you and your boss to be seen as professional, one of your main responsibilities is to ensure that all written communication being sent from your office sets the right tone, is professional and flawless!

This practical 2 day course will give you the practical tools you need to always produce the best written communication with the highest readability.

You will learn a range of techniques and skills to ensure you always pass the “quality check” of good writing by generating documents that are clear, concise, powerful, and correct.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Learning how to keep your writing simple, professional and readable

– Discovering some practical tips on how to enhance the readability of your boss’s documents

– Implementing some simple yet essential rules to follow in all your email communications

– Using powerful mind mapping tools when starting a document from scratch

– Gaining some easy to remember format templates for different types of correspondence

– Learning some proven ways of using punctuation to increase the clarity of your message

– Applying creative methods for catching and keeping your reader’s attention

– Gaining suggestions on how to best incorporate graphs and tables into technical reports

– Avoiding common writing mistakes that make you appear less professional

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2 Days