Application of Extended Reality Technologies in the Mining Industry

Virtual and augmented reality are buzz words for immersive technologies in the 4th Industrial revolution. How do these relate to real life and when to use what technology? The interaction and relation between V.R, AR and real-life span over a virtual continuum with application in (1) Training, (2) Collaboration and (3) Visualization. This course will unpack the technologies (including experiencing the devices), their application to specific use cases and future trends in the space of immersive technologies. Vast datasets are consumed in visualizing current states, laying the foundation for presenting a digital replica of the true life scenario which might lead to better predictions and decision-making. Technology application is shown from a broad-spectrum industry use and then directed to the application in the mining space. Optimization is all about reducing delays. Delaying time spent in the training center means quicker turn around to the working places. Better retention of knowledge leads to less frequent refreshers course required. Remote assistance to specialized inspections replace the need for expensive site visits, delayed by logistics. This course will awake the candidate to start thinking about the use of technology to assist in day to day routines.
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