The Fundamental Principles of Effective Trial Advocacy

Effective trial advocacy is not a game of chance. Day in and day out, in the tournament of trial, skill wins out. It is the goal of this LPC-accredited course to help participants develop the fundamental courtroom skills to persuasively present their cases at trial. Trial lawyers have to work with the canvas presented by the case. But it is the effective trial lawyer who is able to paint the better picture.
The Fundamental Principles of Effective Trial Advocacy course offers a sophisticated theory-driven approach to advocacy. It guides participants in developing a winning case theory, and in using it throughout every phase of the trial – from opening statement, during witness examinations through to final argument. This course explains how to present the case as a story, and how to tell the story in the courtroom powerfully and persuasively. It examines the rhetorical techniques that enhance the persuasive force of advocacy, and the basic principles of formulating effective questions – the trial lawyer’s stock-in-trade. It focuses in depth on each phase of the trial – opening statement, examination-in-chief, cross-examination and final argument – and through practical and engaging real-life examples it distils those fundamental principles and strategies that lead to success in the courtroom. This course teaches participants to successfully apply advocacy skills in a coherent, effective and persuasive manner.
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