Advanced Project Management incl. MS Projects

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards 252024 at NQF level 5 worth 4 credits and 252022 at NQF level 5 worth 8 credits.

Course Content:


Module 1: Advanced project management context, concepts and tools

• The issues and opportunities that trigger the demand for projects

• The strategic context within which projects are developed

• The project management challenge of staying within scope, time quality and resource constraints

• The difference between projects and programmes

• The Project Management Knowledge areas

• Twelve steps to project Management success

• Own project identification and sketching of main project areas of delivery

Module 2: Project Team Management

• Why have teams?

• Why some teams don’t work

• Why certain teams really work

• Team development stages

• Assembling a project team

• Team structures

• Self-assessment on personal style related to managing project team

• Own project: Analysis of own project team

DAY 2:

Module 3: The Project Management Cycle

• The main phases of a project

• The main processes within and between project phases

• The project management cycle from a project planning viewpoint

• Own project: Identification of project cycle phases of delivery

Module 4: Project Initiation Phase

• Problem analysis tools and techniques

• Project identification, project strategies and project feasibility

• Preparing the business case

• The Project Charter – conclusion of the Initiation Phase

• Own project application

DAY 3:

Module 5: Project Definition Phase

• Stakeholder identification and definition of roles

• Stakeholder Management

• Prioritising your stakeholders

• Understanding your stakeholders

• Project Scope definition

• Risk Management process and planning

• Own project application

Module 6: Project Planning Phase

• Setting project objectives

• Defining project activities/ the work breakdown structure

• Preparing a project schedule / the GANNT Chart

• Resources and Cost Estimation

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Julius Matose
Contact: Imsimbi Training
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

252024, 252022

NQF Level: 

Level 5


4 & 8

Course Delivery Method: 

E-learning E-learning

In Class In Class

Course Duration: 

5 days


On enquiry

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materials (11-15 July, 12-16 Sep & 28-2 Nov 2022) Inclass & online