Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – 2 DAYS

Imsimbi Training is a fully accredited training provider with the Services Seta, number 2147,as well as a Level 2 Contributor BBBEE company.

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards 252031 at NQF level 5 worth 4 credits.


“When I compared star performers with average ones in senior leadership positions, nearly 90% of the difference in their profiles was attributable to emotional intelligence factors rather than cognitive abilities.” Daniel Goleman
Emotional Intelligence is the single most important indicator in producing people who are able to work effectively in organizations at the highest levels. Longer term sustainability, requires that people go beyond I.Q. and develop their full E.Q.
This course is designed to help delegates develop self-awareness, effective and polished interpersonal skills, help understand and manage their emotions, and lastly create passion for their work, energy and self motivation. In fact it is not the hardest working or most intelligent people who succeed, but people who have high levels of emotional intelligence and who are able to gain the cooperation of their colleagues and lead and motivate teams of people. Leaders who have a high level of emotional intelligence are able to take their leadership from a mediocre level to an outstanding level. If you want to take your leadership to a new level, emotional intelligence competence is critical to your progress.
The course looks at our work-life balance, the kind of lifestyle choices that we make, our attitude towards working life and asks questions about the impact that our lifestyle choices are having on our motivation, and our job engagement. Emotional intelligence will help leaders avoid the growing symptoms of burn out, strokes, and heart attacks. We help delegates develop a range of tools and techniques for building their emotional intelligence.


Upon completing this course, participants should be able to acquire the following attributes:

• Developing Self-awareness
• Understanding your personality profile
• Understanding your weaknesses and strengths and EQ gaps
• Understanding your colleagues
• Improved interpersonal skills
• Improved listening and communication skills
• Improved feedback skills
• Motivating my team
• Improved resilience skills and hardiness
• Identifying emotions and feelings
• Releasing negative emotions
• Developing a balanced lifestyle
MODULE 1: Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness
 Self-awareness and Mindfulness
 Life Balance – Nurturing all four areas of our life
 Emotional Intelligence Core competencies
 Johari’s window
 Identifying my blind spots and weaknesses
 Personality Test
 Locus of Control

MODULE 2: Interpersonal Skills and Communication
 Developing polished interpersonal skills with staff and colleagues
 Giving and receiving feedback
 Open and closed communication climates
 Listening Skills
 Listening with empathy
 Dealing with difficult & aggressive people in the workplace
 Transactional Analysis
 Managing conflict
 Building trust in my team
 Showing appreciation
 Motivating my team
 Qualities of authentic leaders
MODULE 3: Self-regulation: managing negative emotions
 Developing an emotional vocabulary
 Being attentive to one’s emotions
 Recognising negative emotions
 Managing negative emotions that may derail one
MODULE 4: Developing a positive emotional focus
 Focusing on the good
 Focusing on my blessings
 Living from a space of positive emotions
 Focusing on the good in your life
 Empathy: the key to successful leadership
 Linking spiritual & emotional intelligence
 Emotional Intelligence Assessment

MODULE 5: Self Confidence & Resilience
 Appreciating yourself
 Building your self-confidence
 Stages of emotional change in traumatic times
 Finding the gift in difficult times
 Resilience: managing adversiy

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Level 5

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Training material 13-14 June 2022( online & in class dates)