H & S : Working at Heights

1.  Working at Heights (Level 1) General Safety Regulation 6 and Construction Regulation 10 - Working at heights requires proof of medical fitness in order to enter the programme. 

Learners wishing to acquire the competencies in this standard will be, people working at height where there is a risk of injury from a fall. Learners will be involved in performing tasks at height. Qualifying learners are able to follow fall arrest principles to perform work at height safely, under supervision of a qualified supervisor. 

The qualifying learner is capable of: 

  • Explaining the use and limitations of a limited range of fall arrest equipment and fall arrest plan.
  • Inspecting, assembling and storing fall arrest equipment.
  • Selecting suitable anchor points.
  • Using fall arrest systems with a double lanyard.
  • Using pre-installed vertical and horizontal life-lines 
    In order for a successful learner of this standard to be able to function in a rope access operation, the learner must:Be medically fit and in possession of a medical certificate, declaring the learner free from a condition that may prevent the learner from working safely as specified in the range statement. (An example of the content of the medical certificate is available in SABS 0333:2 Annex A).


2.  Working at Heights Basic Rescue - Construction Regulation 10 - Fall Protection - requires medical fitness in order to enter the programme  U/s 229995 - Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement the fall protection plan

The above programmes include explaining and performing fall arrest techniques when working at heights and fall protection. Competent learners will be able to : 


  • Explaining the use of a range of fall arrest equipment and knowledge of applicable regulations.
  • Explaining and using basic rope knots.
  • Installing and using fall arrest systems.
  • Inspecting and assembling fall arrest equipment and systems.
  • Interpreting and implementing a fall protection plan.
  • Performing basic fall arrest rescues to bring a casualty down to safety.

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Sanet Swanepoel
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229998 and 229995

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Level 2



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1-2 days


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