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The College of Production Technology (CPT) originates from a synergy of educators and trainers with many years of experience in educating, training and business and thus provides access to a wide education and training spectrum.

Since the College of Production Technology was established it has successfully provided part-time courses to students of industry, in the fields of production technology, logistics, quality, work engineering, human resources, supply chain and strategic management.

The College is registered with the Department of Education as a private provider of higher education (2002/HE07/006) and its higher education programme, the 3-year Diploma in Production Technology, has been fully accredited by the Council on Higher Education.

The College has full accreditation with Umalusi at the FET level and has provisional registration with the Department of Education as a Private FET College (2009/FE07/050). The College also has programme approval status with merSETA, Wholesale and Retail Seta and the Transport Seta.

As the knowledge and interest in the production function has grown, courses have also been structured for high quality, practical, outcomes based in-house training.

The College has received very positive feedback from learners and business as a whole in this regard, culminating in the College being awarded the Department of Trade and Industry’s Business Excellence Award in 2002 in the category ‘Partnership and Collaboration.’

The aim of the College is to develop and present comprehensive learning programmes in the manufacturing function of business.

This would not only ensure academic progression but also articulate with other institutions.

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