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DYNA Training is a national training provider focusing on practical management and supervisory skills development.

CORE Supervisory Skills Programme
This learning programme takes supervisors to the next level in terms of confidence and competence. It covers the practical skills a supervisor needs to get the job done and to cement their role as future leaders. All learning is supported in the workplace by DYNA facilitators, and structures are put in place to ensure management support and commitment. Successful learners have the opportunity to further their skill base on the BMS200 (Best Management Skills Programme).

The BMS200 – Best Management Skills Programme
This programme is intended for managers who want Industry Recognized Skills but who do not have the time to go on long traditional theory orientated courses. BMS develops a skills base essential for any modern manager, in an interactive and practical way. On BMS the focus is on giving managers the skills they require to perform and in so doing allowing them to stand out from the ordinary.

Grass-roots training
DYNA’s learning methodology has proven highly successful in providing skills and changing behaviours amongst employees at lower levels. Specifically DYNA’s Business Sense and Customer Sense programmes have a reputation for changing thinking and improving business profitability.

Customised Interventions
DYNA offers a range of interventions, customised to suit your needs. Please contact our offices for additional information.


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