St Philomena's Social Purpose Business

St Philomena's is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).

By their very nature, NPO's have a continued dependence on donations from profit generating companies.

To the exasperation of many, it appears that donations will never comfortably cover the needs of NPO's, and so the cycle of profit generation and donation-seeking continues indefinitely.

St Philomena's is attempting to implement an answer to this cycle.

We have a vision to develop a Social Purpose Business that can support our non-profit organisation.

A large component of our organisation is to fundraise, but rather than having a helpless reliance on the community, we are endeavoring to take the initiative by using a self-sustainability model.

Consequently, we hope to lead by example by running training programmes with the proceeds being utilized for the training of youth and the maintenance of other St Phil's programmes.

The advantage of using their services is that you can use either the training budget or CSI (donations) budget, since they are able to provide a section 18A tax certificate.

What makes this possible is our Saint's Hospitality Centre which has more than 7 years of experience and therefore able to provide professional, yet casual training facilities and accommodation.

Not only would these companies be supporting economic empowerment for their own staff needs, but they will also be empowering the children & youth in our programmes.

This would be a dual success for the spirit of educational enhancement in South Africa.

St Phil's runs IT courses with Microsoft and ICDL.


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