Go beyond training with the Summit team

At Summit we strive to empower organisations to solve high stakes business challenges through engaging, collaborative, and applied learning at scale.

We are disrupting old-school corporate training methodologies that only focus on content delivery. Alternatively, we offer a vast improvement on new pandemic-era band-aid approaches that limit opportunities for real learning.

The Summit methodology helps individuals learn and improve, and for organisations to transform and grow. A Level 3 BBBEE provider, is there to guide your digital transformation, helping you create and deliver an effective digital learning experience that will drive your business.

For the past decade, Summit has helped our clients discover a better way to approach their learning and development goals. And as part of the Invictus Education Group, we are a consultancy that helps people and organisations improve, grow, and achieve their personal and broader company goals.

Working with various JSE-listed companies, and medium-sized businesses across various sectors, we understand how fast the world is changing, and how frustrating it can be to try and help your workforce when stuck with outdated cobbled-together solutions.

Our Fuse Learning Experience Platform provides engaging opportunities that enable users to learn through work experience and from one another. We use animation, storytelling, and video to create fun e-learning that is engaging and educational.

The Summit Fuse Learning Experience Platform (Fuse LEP) is an integrated platform that connects employees and enables them to learn where and when they can. Fuse LEP is predominantly used as a learning management platform, but with added benefits.


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