Terotechnica Maintenance College

The Terotechnica Maintenance College, a division of M-Tech Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, have trained thousands of Maintenance Practitioners at different levels in the industrial organisation in the Art and Science of Maintenance Engineering.

The college now offers tuition at three different levels:

- Diplomas (1200 hours of work)
- Certificates (from 20 to 100 hours of work)
- Short Courses (from 30 to 60 hours of work).

Apart from the four vocationally oriented certificate courses and one short course (S802), all courses have been rearranged from 2006 to consist of modules of one day class duration as a basis for the diploma courses.

The potential benefit of correct maintenance training is huge.

It brings the person to understand his/her role in the maintenance organisation well, and it empowers maintenance people to understand and practise the correct techniques to the benefit of the organisation.

In short, maintenance training provides your organisation with a much improved production capability for a relatively modest investment.

Maintenance seems to be so simple to the average person.

You surely just service equipment once in a while and repair it when it is broken?

However, as equipment becomes bigger, more complex, more expensive and productive, it is more and more important to keep it running for as long as possible to achieve maximum productivity levels.

All of the above make maintenance training more important than ever.

Maintenance people at all levels should not only be trained in their specific discipline, but also in maintenance management, maintenance technology, and specific maintenance expert.

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