Executive Education & Training

Delegating for Success

Aim: To educate management on the basic requirements of good delegation. This generic workshop includes the use of delegation theories as well as some practical tools to use to ensure completion of projects and tasks.

3 Day Leadership +

To apply leadership concepts in a work context using the Enneagram Self-Mastery Tool. A portion of this workshop is customised to the individual. This workshop is fully accredited with unit standard 242824. AIM: To apply leadership concepts in a work context using the tools of self-awareness to effectively develop leadership ability. COURSE CONTENT What is Leadership Understanding the concept of leadership within the working environment. What are the qualities of a leader? Exploring the roles a leader plays and the qualities exhibited.

Feedback as a Management Tool

Aim: To assists leaders in the art of effective feedback, thereby ensuring maximum gain from team input and empowering leadership practices. The workshop provides tools and frameworks to use assisting the leader and team to increase productivity through feedback and engagement.

Sales for Admin Staff

Aim: To assist admin staff with outbound sales calls and follow up communication with clients. Content: How to Plan your selling time; The Importance of Establishing the Correct Contact Person; Learning to Listen; Positive Speech and Sales Talk; The Importance of Making Your Call a Two-Way Conversation; Product Knowledge – The Importance; Anticipating Questions; Courtesy, Tone of Voice Confidence and the professional approach; Closing the Call if it is Negative; Closing the Call if it is Positive; Sales admin.



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