Civil Engineering Materials Testers Course: Bitumen Binder Testing

The Bitumen Binder testing course is a component of the Civil Engineering Materials Testers course in relation to SANS 4001 BT1-5 & TG1. The objective of the Bitumen Binder testing course is to train candidates in the correct test methods as per industry standards. The course will also enable candidates to execute testing procedures pertaining to Pen, cutback, emulsion & modified binder materials to the latest SANS 4001 specifications. At the end of the training course, candidates would have learnt about the theoretical and practical aspects of Bitumen Binder testing.


The Cybersecurity short course provides you with practical guidance on how to think like a cybersecurity expert by analysing and minimising the risk of security incidents that can possibly appear in an organisation. The course specifically covers various aspects of security services that include identification and authentication, authorisation, confidentiality, integrity and privacy.

Advanced Course in Time–Series Econometrics

This course addresses modelling techniques for time-series data when unit roots are present in the data. An overview of the technical characteristics of time-series data and the concept of non-stationarity is provided; and the econometric techniques of co-integration and error correction modelling are revised in single equations (residual-based co-integration), with emphasis on their empirical application. The main focus of the course is however on the theory and application of multivariate co-integration.

Initial Aviation Occurrence Investigation Course (IOIC)

The UP Enterprises Initial Aviation Occurrence Investigation Course (IOIC) is a compacted but detailed Outcomes-Based (OBE) training course at aim to serve the Aviation Community in order to augment one of their principal objectives: Aviation Safety. Moreover, it will enhance the Aviation Operator’s compliance to the obligatory Safety Management System as required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) Regulations.

Performance Auditing

The Performance Auditing short course is designed to inform you on how economy, efficiency and effectiveness in performance auditing can help you perform your auditing services optimally as internal auditor. A performance audit requires specialised skills for the independent examination of an organisations programmes, functions, operations or management systems in order to also determine how available resources are employed.

Business Management

The Business Management short course will introduce you to the fundamentals of business management, including the techniques, processes and procedures for sound business acumen. You will not only gain theoretical and practical knowledge of basic managerial competencies, but you will also develop the requisite skills for more effective workplace performance and enhanced organisational productivity.

Effective Stakeholder Management - Virtual

The online short course in Effective Stakeholder Management will equip you with the knowledge and capacity to correctly identify and analyse stakeholders, evaluate and prioritise vested interests, and manage relevant relationships in your organisation's business environment. Given the increasing awareness and value of different publics, the knowledge that you will acquire through this course will lend itself to the maximisation of results and minimisation of problems in creating a sustainable organisational endeavour.

Outcomes-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation

The Outcomes-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation short course will provide you with a practical and theoretical framework for understanding and implementing the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) process in the operational business environment. While it may be biased towards developmental work, it nevertheless provides knowledge that is especially suited to the aim of M&E programmes, projects and performance in a bid to generate the desired results in an organisation.

Effective Risk Management

The Effective Risk Management short course will equip you with the relevant knowledge of principles, tools and techniques that would engender overall improved performance in operational risk management. The course focuses on contextual application across a wide variety of industries and you will be exposed to improved organisational performance through better risk management processes that are in line with global best practices.



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