A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching

The short course, A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching, provides you with a platform to capitalise on your own life and work experiences (and relationships) by developing a local coaching model. To effectively develop such a model, this course will help you develop a sensitivity towards the reality and sense-making structures of those you are coaching, while effectively collaborating on the coachcoached relationship and outcomes.

Enhanced GROW Coaching

The short course in Enhanced GROW Coaching provides you with the knowledge and practical skills to apply the GROW coaching model in executive coaching for leadership, management and teams, performance coaching and the structuring of mentoring conversations. The course looks at coaching approaches that are relevant to organisational and personal settings, but specifically focuses on the topics of meaning, purpose and spirituality (particularly workplace spirituality and cultural sensitivity).

Supervisory Management Skills

The short course in Supervisory Management Skills provides you with the necessary knowledge and insights to become successful in any supervisory position, by focusing on and improving important managerial skills. As a manager or supervisor, you often have to manage various operational aspects as well as the people side of business simultaneously, which can lead to situations of great stress or anxiety.

Introduction to Multidisciplinary Concepts in Railway Engineering

The short course in the Introduction to Multidisciplinary Concepts in Railway Engineering is ideal for a professional from any engineering discipline who already has reasonable (or intention to gain) experience in the railway operations environment. During this course, you will not only be introduced to the multidisciplinary aspects and concepts of railway engineering, but you will also be equipped with unparalleled knowledge of the basic principles of and general background to the field with a specific focus on how railway transport systems operate.

Transnet Freight Rail Operations

Course content highlights Railway Operational aspects and concentrates on documentation (regional and local), communication methods, emergency management, blocking of tracks, re-railing aspects, investigations and deviation from regular operations. All operational staff need to attend.

Trauma Counselling

The short course in Trauma Counselling provides you with the requisite skills to deal with the process of facilitating recovery and healing after a traumatic experience or setback. As a pastoral counsellor equipped with the appropriate insights and knowledge, you can successfully act as an immediate source of support and guidance to those in need.

Track Geotechnology Course

The Track Geotechnology Course provides you with a refresher and overview of geology, track loading and the fundamentals of soil mechanics as applicable in railway engineering, with specific reference to aspects of earthworks, subgrade, ballast and drainage. As railway engineer or technologist, this course will enable you to apply a sound working knowledge of soil fundamentals and its multilayered track substructure to the construction and maintenance of an operational railway track. You will also gain practical skills through the presentation of real-world cases.

Advanced Course in Water Treatment Processes

The Advanced Course in Water Treatment Processes provides you with an overview of both the theoretical and practical aspects of industrially relevant advanced water treatment processes.
Topics include chemical water treatment, advanced oxidation processes, calculating the required chemical doses required for various chemical water treatment processes, desalination and membrane technology.



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