Investigation and Management of Cyber and Electronic Crime

The short course in the Investigation and Management of Cyber and Electronic Crime provides you with insights to and knowledge of the legal and practical issues that specifically relate to criminal conduct in the online environment and exponential advancements in information and communication technologies that has given rise to cyber and electronic crime.

GIS Professional Practice

The short course in GIS Professional Practice covers the guidelines for professional practice as prescribed by the South African Council for Professional Land and Technical Surveyors (PLATO).
During the course, you will gain a better understanding of all facets pertinent to professional practice in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry.

Money Laundering Detection and Investigation

The short course in Money Laundering Investigation and Detection provides you with the requisite skills and knowledge to implement risk-mitigating procedures and ensure compliance with the requirements of South African anti-money-laundering legislation. Commercial crime poses a significant threat to the stability of any financial system and democratic institutions, and as such, this course looks at strategies to combat these crimes by targeting illegal proceeds and removing the profit element.

Programme in Project Management (Weekend Offering)

During the Programme in Project Management you will not only gain the requisite skills to ensure that projects are delivered seamlessly, but you will also be equipped with the necessary tools to manage projects on time and within any allocated budget. This comprehensive programme has been designed to develop both your project management skills and insights, while empowering you with the necessary tools and techniques to successfully deliver any project.

Strategic Management Principles (2022)

The Strategic Management Principles short course provides you with the skills and tools required by middle managers (and business owners) to understand strategic management holistically. The course covers topics of the strategic management process, executing elements of the process (including internal and external environmental and gap analyses), mastering tools of analysis, determining broad and narrow strategies, choosing and implementing appropriate strategies, and debating leadership issues.

People Management for Public Sector Managers

The People Management and Empowerment for Senior Managers short course provides you with requisite skills to enhance your skills in managing teams and individuals by setting goals that take various individual approaches and levels of responsibility into account. The course focuses on topics within the human resource practice setting and empowering employees to make purposeful contributions, allocating relevant resources and solving problems in an effective way by taking accountability for their time and duty served.

Writing Research for Publication

Struggling to write that accounting education research paper? Looking for strategies to use writing time more effectively?
This course offers:
  • Expert writing instruction to improve persuasiveness and clarity
  • Asynchronous flipped classroom approaches
  • Dedicated writing time to apply learnings
  • Facilitated small group discussions to learn from each others’ efforts
  • Feedback during the writing process
  • Longitudinal coaching with written feedback

Online Course in Introduction to Neuroscience Coaching

The Online Course in Introduction to Neuroscience Coaching provides you with a comprehensive overview of the neuroscience approach to coaching in both organisational and personal contexts. During the course, you will explore how brain-based coaching delivers professional and personal results faster, how this is done to achieve more sustainable results, and how you can apply neuroscience coaching in your professional practice.

Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design

The Open-Pit Mine Planning and Design short course provides you with a comprehensive look into the basics and key elements of planning and designing a surface mine that uses open-cut or open- cast mining techniques. The course specifically focuses on aspects of the geological resource model right through to the reserve statement and all aspects of the open-pit mine value chain.



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