Business Writing for Engineers

Writing and presenting technical proposals which are audience-focused and purpose driven remains integral to effective project management. This requires a clear understanding of detail orientation and concise technical writing when planned expenditure needs to be justified. The communication of the intended message for achieving a favourable decision is facilitated by effective language skills.

Business Writing

The short course in Business Writing provides you with the requisite skills in applying the general principles of communication in a variety of professional business contexts. Good writing is an important part of career success, yet very few employees receive guidance on the writing and formatting of documents in the workplace.

Japanese Language Course (Part 1)

The Japanese Language Course is ideal whether you are looking to acquire Japanese for the purpose of business, travel or personal interest. From delicious sushi and tea, to the brave samurais and beautiful geishas of ancient Japan, this three-part course (basic, intermediate and advanced) will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to communicate in this exciting language.

Senior Management Programme

The Senior Management Programme provides you with the opportunity to develop more advanced management skills at a senior management level, including key analytical and creative decision-making competencies in your role as functional and/ or general manager.



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